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An Introduction (of sorts) [May. 25th, 2005|09:39 pm]
Thieves in Vana'Diel
Salaam. I'm Albaret, an Elvaan from the Diabolos server. Currently I am a 34THF/15nin. I've got Utsusemi and most of the scrolls, but I just hate leveling NIN. So far I've been enjoying THF very much, so I think I'm going to continue with it at least to 45 for TH2 and see if I want to keep going from there. I have the full intent of trying some of the other Advanced Jobs out there too, though.

I am a chronic spendthrift. Or else I'm just too damn lazy to farm. Yeah, that's it. Anyway, at my level, do you know of any way to make some quick cash? What's farmable and reliable? Do you think I'm tough enough to hit up Pashhow for Goobs and Leeches? Would that be profitable? Or should I stick with Tahrongi Canyon and work on Silk, Cotton and Beehive Chips? Any feedback would be great.

Also, with my current job combination, will the latent effect of the Dagger Belt take effect?

BTW, my current equips...
Main: Royal Squire's Dagger
Sub: Centurion's Sword
Ranged: Zambaruk
Ammo: Sleep Bolt (for solo), Bloody Bolt (xp parties and Ballista)
Head: Compound Eye Circlet (normal), Noct Beret (SATA)
Neck: Spike Necklace
Ear1: Beetle Earring +1 (xp parties), Mithril Earring +1 (solo and Ballista)
Ear2: Beetle Earring +1 (xp parties), Mithril Earring +1 (solo and Ballista)
Body: Noct Doublet
Hands: Battle Gloves (normal), Royal Footman's Gloves (SATA)
Ring1: Balance Ring
Ring2: Balance Ring
Back: Wolf Mantle
Waist: Dagger Belt
Legs: Noct Brais
Feet: Noct Gaiters

I plan on acquiring my RSE for SATA (maybe regular if I like it) along with Drone Earrings, Deft Rings, Emp Pin and Leaping Boots (or Noct Gaiters +1, we'll see). Now you see why I need some cash! Let me know if you have any tips. Thanks a lot!

From: thegreatermind
2005-05-26 07:31 pm (UTC)

Oh, I forgot to mention that my Marksmanship is horribly underleveled. Like... level 20. Any suggestions on how to raise it?

By the way, is anyone else here on Diabolos?
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[User Picture]From: engeldestodes
2005-06-09 05:17 pm (UTC)
Level Marksmanship on Worms in Quifim with the cheapest bolts you can get and take a stack or 2 of Bloody Bolts just incase to yoink HP back from the worms. Once worms don't level your marksmanship up anymore start taking Snips on with *JUST* the x-bow.
ROyal Footmans' GLoves are +3 attack right?
If so, don't change'em for SATA, SATA is only affected by AGI and DEX
SO get some Drone Earrings or the regular version of the Drone Earrings
Don't worry abuot buying Leaping Boots and Emp Hairpin. Just get as much DEX and AGI up gear as you can. Change the Dagger belt for a Mercenary captain's Belt (+1 AGI and +1DEX amongst other +1s)
And I'd suggest changing the Noct Doublet for a Mercenary Cpt's Doublet(+1 DEX and +1 AGI)
May not look as cool/pretty but stats for more DMG outweighs the matching outfit.
Oh, and for your hands just get Merc. Capt's GLoves(+1 AGI)
Best of luck ^_^
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