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Farming combos [Mar. 26th, 2005|01:52 am]
Thieves in Vana'Diel


I've been experimenting with different farming combinations in {Pashhow Marshlands}... and here are my thoughts on the few I tried :

Note: Level 45 Mithra THF, all subs leveled unless noted

THF / WAR - This is my EXP PT setup ( moving to NIN soon, I swear :p ). Not a great farming combo, IMO. The only useful abilty here is {Provoke} for those fast claims. Since I wasn't camping any NMs, and I usually try to *not* be a prick about getting mobs, this was of no advantage to me. Quite a bit of downtime just recovering HP.

THF / WHM - This wasn't too bad. I synthed {Pineapple Juice} while I was there to keep the {Regen}s coming. Nice thing about this is the fact that there is no downtime needed whatsoever. Regen is super efficient, and coupled with the fact that I evade most attacks anyways, 1 stack of pineapples would last me a good 2 hours of farming ( 6 Pineapple Juices ).

THF / BLM - The *only* reason I tried this is because I'm a lazy ass ( Derfland was not under San d'Orian control that week :p ). You would think {Drain} and {Aspir} would help make this a relatively efficient combo... but, for me at least, it was quite bad. Drain can't really keep up ( 1 minute recast timer ) if you're getting slammed by Goobbues. The only redeeming quality about this combo is the fact that you can {Warp} home when you're done :p

THF / 1RNG - This is my current farming combo. It isn't the most gil-efficient setup, but it saves me a lot of time. I carry a {Power Crossbow} and {Bloody Bolts} to keep myself from having to rest. I've found that hitting Gadflies with these things works best ( usually a 80+ HP drain ). Over a 2-3 hour period, I usually use one stack of Bloody Bolts. Since I have woodworking past 16, I can synth these for about 3-4k a stack, so it's not a bad tradeoff. Not to mention, {Wide Scan} is awesome for getting as many Goobbues and Crawlers as possible without having to run around and {Tab Key} yourself to death. Since I don't have RNG levelled yet, I can't say much about the abilities / stats this combo offers, but I'm sure {Scavenge} isn't bad to have around.

Discuss ^^.

[User Picture]From: chilicheese
2005-03-27 03:41 am (UTC)
*thf/rng is good for farming stuff that is spread out, such as goobbues
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